7 Summer Jobs

Used with permission from Creative Commons

Used with permission from Creative Commons

Megan Humphrey, Staff Writer

The opportunity to sleep in, lay in the sun and hang out with friends has come. It is finally summer and with that, no school. It is the perfect time to find a job and make some money.

If you like spending time outside by the pool, then this is the perfect job for you. In order to work as a lifeguard you must be certified, but it is the perfect high school job. It is a great way to spend time with friends and make money at the same time.

Fast Food
This could probably be one of the easiest places to get a job for teenagers, especially during the summer. Some places to choose from include Wendy’s, McDonald’s, In-N-Out and others.

Six Flags
Working here is a fun place to work for the summer. It is a great way to gain leadership skills, friendships and access to exclusive events.

The mall is a great place to work during the summer because there are a lot of job offers. Many places look for seasonal employees to help out during the summer. There are tons of stores to choose from and plenty of opportunities to make some money.

Dog Walker
If you don’t feel like having a supervisor, or having set hours, being a dog walker would be the perfect fit. By doing this you can set and change your hours at anytime. You can gain clients by asking your neighbors if this is a service they would be interested in.

Yard Worker
This is a great way to make money during the summer. It is close and convenient because you can stick to houses in the neighborhood. You can set the hours and decide how much to charge for those services.

Pet Sitter
Summertime means a lot of family vacations. A great way to take advantage of that would be to take care of people’s pets. Instead of being left in a shelter, they can stay at someone’s home. This can often be preferred by pet owners because they trust the person. Find friends and neighbors that have plans for trips and offer to take care of their pet for some money.