Making Friends 101


Used with permission from Creative Commons

Amber Adams, Staff Writer

Whether a freshman, recently moved to this school, or have trouble making friends, making new friends can be hard because students can feel insecure or judged. Check out these tips to help you make new friends.

Take the first step
Sometimes it takes someone to take the initiative to start the conversation. Try to be the one to say hello first. Join a club, join a team, or sit with somebody new at lunch. Starting the conversation will be a huge relief to those people who may be shy or nervous to talk first. 

Be vulnerable
To make friends, you have to open up a bit and step out of your comfort zone. Tell them a secret or something unique they don’t know about you. This will build trust between the two of you. You never know if you’ll make a new friend.

Find similarities
When talking to someone new, find something you both have in common. This similarity will start the conversation and break the ice. Having someone to talk to about something you both enjoy is a sure way to make a friend.

Inform someone you like their hair, shirt, or eyes is an excellent way to begin a conversation.

Compliments will give the person a confidence boost and will make you feel good in return. I’ve met some of my best friends this way.

Be yourself
Don’t change yourself to be friends with anyone. Changing yourself to be friends with someone won’t work out or last in the long run. Real friends won’t make you feel that you have to change in order to talk to them.