What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy


Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

Zach Planche, Staff Writer

Your success of Halloween is often judged by how much candy you get from trick-or-treating. Though this is good in theory, the candy can go to waste and reside in your room months after the holiday. To stop this cycle, you can dispose of the leftovers in various different ways.

Binge- eat

Do the candy justice and eat it all. Candy was the purpose of trick-or-treating in the first place; so why not put it to good use? You could become sick from the consumption, but the savory chocolate and candies will make it worth the time and pain. 

Give to your little sibling/cousin

Children love candy, and chances are they already finished theirs. They’ll appreciate the gesture and take the candy without a second thought.

Build a candy monster and devour

I’m not really sure how you would construct a “candy monster”, but you could probably find one on Pinterest. It’s an interesting idea and provides a fun experience to spend time with family. 

Throw it away

Though this way is frowned upon, the convenience can provide a sense of relief, but also can be sad for the candy and its potential. It could be seen as “wasting”, but in the long run your body will appreciate the lack of sugary candies in your pantry.

Sell it 

In high school, students aren’t really supposed to sell things to other students, but it has been done in the past and has proved to be profitable. The candy is free, so if you sell a single piece for 5 cents, will still make some profit.


Programs such as Treats for Troops accept leftover Halloween candy and send it to troops who missed Halloween in the United States. Dental offices usually collect the candy, but other businesses can too.