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Micaih Thomas, Entertainment Editor

Let’s talk about quarantine. Everyone felt excited to jump into free time with no teachers and no annoying students, but time has dwindled. We need to go back into these streets. Times feel weird — the black community experienced a low time because of some hurtful comments from the Barb leader, Emma Lu, Frank Ocean is being annoying, and COVID-19 has not reached its peak yet. Please stop the simulation, we want out. 

Emma Lu 

Please. Not Emma Lu. This past week, an Instagram account uploaded a video from 2014 of the famous Tik Toker, Emma Lu, onto the internet. In the video, she referred to the black people around her as n-words. Since the video surfaced, thousands of people have commented on their emotions and thoughts on her actions. Her social footprint gave everyone hope that maybe not everyone acts ignorant, but evidently, no one can find themselves exempt from ignorance.

Azealia Banks releases lyric video

The reclusive star, Azealia Banks, made a debut on Twitter again, letting everyone in on her life as of late. Her single, “1-800- Nu- Checks,” made its way onto streaming platforms and Youtube. Her artistry continues to blow her fans and onlookers away even while everyone is in quarantine. 

Frank Ocean posts adorable photo

Quarantine felt cute at first, but times now feel hard. We need Frank to post more than just his cute photos. We need content. We need music. If he was a strategic businessman, he would release the album because everyone would stream it because of self-isolation, excitement and boredom. We need you, Frank.

Beyonce sings for live Disney Special

The queen. The woman who alleviates all pain, all hurt and all trauma made her debut on Disney’s live sing-along. She sang the iconic Disney song When You Wish Upon a Star. This song brings any and everyone back to their childhood. Yea, we love her. We need her. We needed that serotonin. Thanks, B. 

SZA goes on therapeutic Livestream

Yes, SZA did a live stream where she stretched and talked. Yes, y’all need to watch it. The Jersey-based singer took to Instagram live to encourage her fans in these quarantine times and to encourage the families who’ve experienced the effects of COVID-19. While she talked and stretched, she streamed her childhood playlist and listened to early 2000’s N.E.R.D., Stevie Wonder and Bjork.