Things You Might Have Experienced During Your Loneliness

Things You Might Have Experienced During Your Loneliness

Melissa De La Cruz, Personality Editor

Researches from define loneliness as a state of feeling empty and alone while craving human contact, also recently known as quarantine. Here are six problems you might have experienced from your socially distancing experience and how to solve them. 

Netflix all day and all night
Binge watching shows used to carry a sense of thrill and happiness. For most it would always be the same “just one more.” Nowadays, complete isolation from the world turned “just one more” into the new “I’m so bored.” Don’t worry if you reduce the time you spend on Netflix and switch to some more hands-on activities like painting, coloring or reading you might find better comfort. 

Eating every ten minutes and then regretting it
Let us have a moment of truth right now. If you weren’t motivated to workout before quarantine then you substituted squats with food. And if you happened to still be unmotivated after quarantine then you still eat. But this time you actually have the time to self-reflect on the bad decisions you continue to make. So after you self-reflect on your eating habits a ten-minute workout won’t seem so bad after all. 

Sleeping into the afternoon
If you stayed up until 4 a.m. and got two hours of sleep on a school night you were probably doing OK but now when you wake up at 2 p.m. and still feel sleepy you’ll probably start feeling ashamed. If you decide you want to wake up and know what day of the week it is then you can always try to keep up with an organized planner. Productive and free says that when you write something down it allows you to think better with more focused action. 

Getting yelled at because you’ve done nothing all day
Before, eight hours at school seemed like the biggest drag in the history of drags. No one wants to wake up at six in the morning, much less be active. Back then, the infinite comforts of our beds seemed like the dream, but now that dream has haunted us every day since quarantine started. So when your parents get on to you because you haven’t cleaned or left your room all day try to find some kindness in you and give back. You can do this by mowing your lawn, washing dishes, wiping down counters, etc. 

Attending online classes because it’s the only outside human interaction you’ll have that day
Apart from the fact that you won’t understand anything from the online lesson, you still join in on the conversation. Not because of your interest to keep up with work or because you’ll do the homework, but because you need reassurance that people still exist. Still, ask questions and communicate with your teachers. Remember, after people comes homework which still exists and God knows grades do too. 

Crying over how none of it was worth it
Remember all the all-nighters you pulled off to study for a test you still failed or when you had multiple breakdowns because your teacher wouldn’t pass you for the six weeks. Well, let us all give ourselves a pat on the back for our gracious award of 2020s most clowned students. But next year still exists and after the pandemic has passed over life will try to normalize itself with you in it. So don’t cry anymore and focus on what comes next.