Assistant Principal Alcorn: The Start Of A Legacy

Assistant Principal Alcorn reads emails in his office during 4th period.

Photo by Sembree Yeary

Assistant Principal Alcorn reads emails in his office during 4th period.

Landry Parlin, Staff Writer

Just before the bell rang, Assistant Principal Jimmy Alcorn prepared himself for the rush of students that would arrive soon for the first day of in-person learning on Sept. 8. After three and a half weeks of virtual learning, Mansfield ISD schools reopened the campuses for the first time since March 6.

Alcorn accepted a job at Legacy High School over the summer after the departure of former assistant principal Rene Villegas. Alcorn felt eager to accept the position at Legacy for the new school year. 

“Legacy’s excellent leadership, the teachers’ reputation for excellence and awesome student culture drew me [here],” Alcorn said. 

The departure from Red Oak High School proved difficult for Alcorn, and COVID-19 did not make the decision easier. 

“I was hesitant to leave the staff and students I had formed a bond with because I had not seen them since spring break,” Alcorn said.

Upon arrival, Alcorn felt welcomed. The staff at Legacy made the transition almost seamless. The three weeks of virtual school provided a great opportunity for Alcorn to get acclimated to his new work environment without the stress of students on campus. i

“Campus administration, the office secretaries, the library staff and math team members have been an excellent support to me in better understanding the rich cultural environment, especially in the COVID-19 time,” Alcorn said. 

Alcorn’s secretary, Karina Pena, feels delighted to have Alcorn here. Pena believes Alcorn will work hard and encourage teachers and students to be great with extra emphasis on the math department. Alcorn’s career began as a math teacher, so he feels excited to focus on the math department and takes great pride in it. 

Legacy’s excellent leadership, the teachers’ reputation for excellence and awesome student culture drew me to Legacy,”

— Jimmy Alcorn

“[Alcorn] is really comfortable with everything. He fit right in and he’s having fun while making this office live again,” Pena said. “He loves that he gets to be over the math department. He’s really having fun with it and the math teachers are loving him.”

The transition to Legacy in the midst of the pandemic poses many unique challenges for Alcorn. The inability to meet in person as normal makes it difficult to build relationships with the new staff members. Furthermore, the struggle of learning to use new technology proves difficult for Alcorn. 

“The biggest challenge for me was adjusting to a life of virtual meetings, instead of seeing people physically because, by nature, I am a people person,” Alcorn said. 

According to the CDC, students have less than a 2% chance to contract the coronavirus. The new safety procedures, such as one-way hallways, help minimize the risk for all staff and students. This remains crucial to Alcorn as he battles personal concerns over the virus. 

“I have older aunts and uncles, as well as a child with special needs, who is highly susceptible to infections,” Alcorn said.

Even with COVID-19, Alcorn feels excited for many things this year. Alcorn will receive a math distinction from TEA for the 2020-2021 school year which will help him support the math teachers. 

“I am excited to work with the awesome staff, campus administration team, and students,” Alcorn said. “ I am eager to add to the student culture, support the math teachers, and to make Legacy stand out and shine above the rest of the Mansfield ISD high schools.”