Top 8 Cartoons To Rewatch

Ukeje suggests childhood cartoon shows to rewatch that will ensure feelings of nostalgia.

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Ukeje suggests childhood cartoon shows to rewatch that will ensure feelings of nostalgia.

Shaun Ukeje

With nearly seven months in quarantine, binge-watching shows became second-nature for most students. Scrolling through Netflix and Hulu gets tiring when you see the same titles over and over. Here’s a list of eight shows from your childhood to watch instead. 

Teen Titans

Teen Titans, an action-packed DC Comics show about diverse teen superheroes. However, the leader of the titans, Robin, also known as Batman’s sidekick has no superpowers. His copartners– Cyborg, Beastboy, Raven and Starfire– all live together in the Titan Tower, ready to take down villains.

Dexter’s Laboratory

In this show, a young scientist, Dexter, creates out-of-this-world, world-saving inventions in his “laboratory”. Like many families, he has a sister, Dee, who frequently messes with him and his inventions. Dexter also has a rival with who he competes on inventions. All this is going on, but his Mom and Dad have no clue. 

Justice League Animated Series

Since DC Comics does not make many new shows anymore, you can hop back into Justice League. This series is a two-season show about the Justice League and the lesser-known heroes. It’s definitely a great series to watch before the new DC Comics movies. Younger siblings can also watch this as the show is rated for ages eight and up.         

Ben 10

Ten-year-old Ben Tennyson has a watch-like device that turns him into ten different creatures. Ben, Grandpa Max, and Cousin Gwen help citizens and stop villains around their city.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Jimmy, a fifth-grade inventor, is always creating new things to solve problems. His sidekick is his robotic dog named Goddard. He attends an elementary school but coincidentally there’s a lot of fun mischief. During the 2000s this was a must-see show on Nickelodeon.

Phineas & Ferb

Phineas and his stepbrother Ferb find various ways to spend their summer vacation. Also, let’s not forget about the catchy theme song that everyone knows about. They went from building roller coasters and slides to becoming musicians and meeting dinosaurs. It’s a great series to dive back into all summer long.

Danny Phantom

Danny became a freak accident. He unintentionally blew up his parents’ laboratory and turned half-ghost. This ghostly experiment made Danny have paranormal powers. However, only his sister and best friends know of his secret. In this series, Danny fights ghosts and saves his school ironically named Casper High.

Codename: Kids Next Door

Kids Next Door is a series about a group of 10-year-olds getting away from boring things like doctor appointments. I know it sounds boring, but the kids use “2×4 Technology” to fool their parents. Their treehouse is like a secret hangout and lab where the kids make inventions. They were ahead of their time.