Beatriz DeAndrade: The Sound Of Determination

Evelyn Quiroz, Entertainment Editor

The sound of former choir shows fills the room as students listen to and write reviews of the musical performance. Junior Beatriz DeAndrade became involved in choir in sixth grade, and she continued the hobby throughout high school.

“Music has always been a huge part of my life and choir has really enhanced my love for it,” DeAndrade said.

DeAndrade loved the performance. During her time in middle school, the Legacy chamber choir performed at her school, and since then DeAndrade made it her goal to become a member of varsity choir. 

“It’s the only extracurricular I’ve been in where we have that opportunity to express our feelings to each other, not as classmates, but as friends,” DeAndrade said.

As DeAndrade sings in choir, she appreciates the beauty of the music she and her classmates create. She thinks of choir as a form of therapy that helps lift each other’s spirits and also a great way to make friends. 

“I felt honored when I found out I made Bella Voce,” DeAndrade said.

At first, DeAndrade did not feel like she belonged in the varsity choir but, as the year went on, she felt more accepted and confident in her position on varsity. Junior Isabel Laura also made it a goal to become a part of Legacy choir.

“Being a part of the Silver Elite had been a goal of mine for a long time, and I worked really hard to make it,” Laura said.

After years of practice and determination, Laura became part of Silver Elite, and she now believes that choir represents a place where she can feel safe and comfortable.

“I’m proud that even with this year’s circumstances, our show choir was still able to put together an awesome show, and we were able to bond with each other,” Laura said.

The changes this year brought to choir did not affect Laura or her classmates’ performances or relationships. She still thinks of choir as a family and feels proud of their accomplishments. Likewise, DeAndrade also experiences changes in her practices but her sense of pride remains for her choir group.

“Even though it’s a downer for a lot of us we’re still finding ways to stay positive about it,” DeAdrade said.

Because they cannot hold concerts, they create video recordings of the pieces they learn in class. She realizes it may not have the same impact on her as singing in front of a crowd, but she still likes to learn new music and record it for her family to watch.

“I’m proud of our choir directors and every single choir member this year for being able to adapt to this new format,” DeAndre said.