Kadence Whitfill: A New Face on the JV Silver Spurs


Photo by Courtesy Photo

Sophomore Kadence Whitfill aligns young girls that participated in their dance camp as they prep for the game.

Connor Whitfill, Staff Writer

As the music cuts off, junior Kadence Whitfill takes a deep breath and looks up at the judges, they each begin to write notes on their dull clipboards. Whitfill looks at her coach and in response, the coach gives her a smile of approval.

On May 22, the Silver Spurs held officer tryouts. In order to select the new officers, dancers showed off their skills to three judges and participated in an interview. Out of the nine officers, Kadence Whitfill became the Junior Varsity Captain. 

“The Silver Spurs are unique because we have a sisterhood and great coaches that will lead us to success no matter what,” Whitfill said.

Whitfill began her dance career at five years old at the Stagedoor Dance Centre, where she developed an appreciation for ballet and hip-hop. After she refined her skills for over 10 years, she decided to leave and join the Silver Spurs her freshman year. As a captain, Whitfill leads other JV dancers and provides constructive criticism when needed. 

“Becoming an officer has shown the team that I can take on a leadership role and become responsible and trustworthy,” Whitfill said. “The most difficult thing about being an officer is leading the team and being a leader for them to follow.”

Varsity Director Brooke Parlin also promoted Taylor Menting to JV Lieutenant. She’s been friends with Whitfill for six years and appreciates her work ethic and enthusiasm.

“[Kadence] is the most outgoing person I know and she’s not afraid to speak her mind,” Menting said. “She’s a great encourager, she constantly lifts people, plus she has a lot of confidence and courage.”

Senior Aubrey Armstrong became the Varsity Captain of the Silver Spurs. Armstrong values Whitfill’s confidence and positive attitude.

“Something special about having an officer role is that it’s a leadership role,” Armstrong said. “With the officers, you think they know what they’re doing, but because Kadence is so confident, there’s no doubt she knows what she’s doing.”

Coach Alexandria Thomas coached the JV Silver Spurs for four years before moving this school year to Mansfield High School to serve as the Varsity Director. Coach Thomas worked closely with Whitfill as a dancer on the varsity line.

“She showcased her dance ability incredibly well,” Coach Thomas said. “For the interview, she was very clear in her expectations and clear with her wishes. Those are the attributes a JV Captain needs.”

Whitfill plans to dance in her senior year and improve her skill set before the next Silver Spur officer tryouts. 

“The Spurs have changed my life, if I were to quit before the end of high school I would be lost,” Whitfill said. “I have been given the opportunity to shine as a JV Captain. It’s an important role because I am a leader to the JV team and I’ll be their role model.”