How to BeReal


The popular social media app, BeReal, requires users to take a picture once a day within a two-minute window.

Colin Nguyen, Staff Writer

First launching in 2020, BeReal became more popular on social media in 2022. The app requires users to post a photo at a random time everyday with a two minute window. Failure to do so results in a “Late” label under your post. Users can choose to look through anyone’s photos or limit to just their pictures until the next BeReal notification pops up. BeReal can be hard to understand, so here’s a few rules to help you navigate the app:

Never Post Late
The BeReal app is a fun challenge. Testing both your ability to be attentive, by responding to the app notification and your creativity to take a good photo in just two minutes. Posting late will signify that you either didn’t respond to the notification or you took too long trying to take a photo.

Don’t Move, Try Posing
To ensure solid quality of your photos, avoid shaky hands and movement. Moving during the two-minute countdown may result in your photo being blurry. An easy way to make your photos iconic with a signature pose such as a peace sign, duck lips, finger heart and or the hang loose sign.

Always Show Your Full Face
Showing your full face makes your pictures seem more genuine and interactive. It also demonstrates a sense of confidence, which may help prompt others to also feel comfortable in the way they look. The key difference of BeReal from other social apps is the fact that it’s set up in a way that doesn’t promote the use of filters or pre-planned adjustments.

Use Your Back Camera
Typically, your back camera has both better quality and exposure. The better the quality of the photo, the more realistic the photo is. Because you can’t see yourself as the photo is being taken, the picture comes out much more natural and authentic.

Feature Moments with Your Friends and Family
It is always better to have others present in the photo. It adds more action and captures a memorable moment that will always remain with our digital devices. The most important part of this app is to have fun. The last rule of course is Be Real!