Top 5 Homecoming Proposals

Bryanna Owens, Staff Writer

With homecoming season only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about ways to ask your special someone. With a wide imagination, you can use these top five ideas to ask someone to homecoming.

Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts are a great way to ask someone to homecoming and let them know you care about them. Not only do you take time to make clues, but you also have to hide them. Although it requires extra effort, it is definitely worth it.

Make a playlist of their favorite songs, or use the song titles to make a special phrase. Most teenagers love to listen to music, so a playlist will catch your person’s attention right away.

Buy someone food from their favorite restaurant, or spell something out on top of food. You could also put a bunch of their favorite snacks in a basket to ask them. If they like cupcakes, you could buy a box of them and use frosting to write out,“Will you go to homecoming with me?”

Posters are simple, but highly customizable. A poster can be funny or romantic, and you can write anything you want. The theme could be the homecoming’s theme, or even their favorite movie, TV show, or book. You can paint the poster with their favorite color as well.

Decorate Their Car
Decorating someone’s car is risky depending on the person you’re asking to homecoming, however, it’s definitely a unique idea. Tie balloons and stick romantic post-it notes on their car, then wait for the person to see your proposal. Decoration is not the same as vandalism, so be sure to not decorate with anything that could leave damage