Top 5 Places to Get Breakfast on the Way to School


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Isaiah Manning, Staff Writer

5. Habaneros: The Taco Revolution
As the fifth best location for seniors to get a quick meal, we have Habaneros. Habaneros is a classic breakfast location where you can find breakfast burritos and tacos. The food is cost efficient and at only 0.8 miles away from Legacy, it’s easily accessible for a quick breakfast run before heading to second period. Also, because it is open until 3 p.m. students with early release can head over and grab a pick-me-up taco after a rough day.

4. McDonald’s
McDonald’s is a good option that is cheap and versatile. For high school students, it may not be affordable to eat some other options on this list daily, but at McDonald’s you can find tasty breakfast, lunch, and pre-dinner snacks all at a low price. These low prices combined with the well-known Frappes and Macchiatos for a morning lift makes McDonald’s a great option for a meal before and after school. At 1.2 miles away, McDonald’s is one of the farthest locations on this list. What keeps McDonald’s from being higher on the list is that it is farthest distance from Legacy and the two school zones in between McDonald’s and Legacy, creating an annoyance for those trying to get back to school quickly.

3. Soulman’s Bar-B-Que
Soulman’s Barbecue is the only location on this list that does not offer breakfast. Still, it is the third best option because of the more specialized food. At an increased price compared to most of the options, Soulman’s is worth the cost. As the name suggests, Soulman’s features what’s known as “Soul Food” more commonly known as barbecue. What makes it soul food is the preparation that comes from the soul. They feature ribs, sausage and pork and at just 600 feet from Legacy, it is an easy destination to access and get back to school quickly.

2. Chick fil-A
Chick-fil-A continues to prove that it is one of the best food options for high school students. With average prices and above average food, Chick-fil-A is cost efficient, and offers the specialized feel similar to that of Soulman’s. As in the name, Chick-fil-A specializes in all things chicken, with their well-known “Chicken Mini’s” or breakfast sandwiches for those that go in the morning to chicken nuggets and sandwiches for those that go after school. Chick-fil-A, similar to McDonald’s, also has coffee for early mornings, and they even offer frozen coffee for a little bit of variety. The only thing barring Chick-fil-A from the number 1 spot is its distance, being a little under a mile away from Legacy.

1. Twisty Donuts
The best option for seniors to go for late arrival is Twisty Donuts. Twisty Donuts is a combination of all the redeeming qualities of the other locations. Next to Soulman’s, Twisty Donuts is only 600 feet from Legacy, and features the same low prices as McDonald’s or Habaneros. The focus on quality is there as well, as the donuts are handmade daily in the shop. The owners are very kind and often give out free food, and the shop isn’t limited to just donuts. They feature tacos and burritos, kolaches and other treats.  They offer Gatorade, sweet tea, coffee, and many other refrigerated drinks. Because of the versatility, low cost, and short distance, Twisty Donuts wins as the best location for students to go during their off periods.