Food For Thought: New Rules Clarified


New Rules for Food Continue to Confuse Students.

Zach Smith and Shalavé Cawley

Why can’t we have food in the classroom?
The classroom is an academic setting. We are here to learn. When someone eats around you, it’s distracting. We only have 45 minutes to get in a lesson. And we have a bug problem.

What do you mean by “food?”
Meals. Lunches. Fast food. Anything brought from off campus.

So if it’s bought on campus we can eat it in class?
Snack foods from the vending machine, PTSA cookies and popcorn are acceptable in class – with your teacher’s permission.

What about drinks?
Water with a lid is always ok. Again, this is with your teacher’s permission. Starbucks and other drinks bought off campus are not ok.

Oh, so anything with a lid is ok?
No. Sodas and juices should not be in classroom. A spill can stain carpet and leave a sticky mess. Just keep to water, it’s easier.

But my teacher allows me eat and drink whatever I want.
They shouldn’t be. Again this is an academic setting. Teachers should ask for permission for special occasions.

So is a fiesta in Spanish class a special occasion?
Yes. Your teacher will get it approved first, and you’re responsible for clean up.

Can we eat fast food or off campus food during lunch?
Yes. If your parent or grandparent brought it to you, or if you packed it for a sack lunch you can eat any kind of food.

But the assistant principals take food from students and eat it.
This is urban legend. If this really happens, Dr. Butler wants to know about it.

So we can go off campus and get whatever we want?
No. We’re a closed campus.