Improv Holds First Show of the Year

Nic Winston

Ben Schnuck, 12, acts out a scene with Mr. Jeremy Ferman.

Kassidy Duncan

Ben Schnuck, 12, acts out a scene with Mr. Jeremy Ferman.

Cameron Dudzinski, Staff Writer

The lights flashed on, then off. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Two people appeared on stage, one animal like and positioned on a row of chairs, the other crouching on the ground adjacent to him. Police light sirens sounded and flashed as the lights began to fade once again.

Each member of the improv troupe piled onto the stage, all animal-like, making the two who were previously the only ones on stage horrified. The lights flashed off once again, and then back on again.

“We can show you improv.”

The stage was empty of all life, Mr. Jeremy Ferman to the side, announcing each name of the members who then made their entrances and sat down on the row of chairs one by one. Every member dressed in white button-ups, jeans and unique ties either placed around their neck or forehead.

Mr. Ferman cleanly skates on and off the stage before he crashes into the table. All the members act strange and random as he tries to calm down the energized audience.

“Our first game: Freeze.”

The game started with two of the members acting out an improv scene then another member would clap, take someone of their choices place and create a whole new scene. Cast members continued this process a number of times until it was almost impossible not to laugh at all of the jokes.

They then alternated to ‘Blind Freeze.’ All of the members turned around, and as two people remain on stage, each person would clap and switch places with a person of their choice, but this time without the view of the scene.

The show transitioned to ‘Sit, Stand and Bend,’ where three people were on stage having to alternate from sitting, standing and bending while acting out a scene. This became quite crazy as they alternated fast between each movement.

All you could hear of the crowd was endless laughter and silence followed by more laughter, each scene they came up with managed to appeal and keep the audience connected and entertained.

Perhaps the most popular game they did next was ‘Half Life,’ in which the group would come up with a scene then act it out again in half of that time. The scene shrunk in length as it was halved over-and-over until it was one second long and the stage was a screaming mess.

Following that was their next game ‘Scenes from a Book,’ where one person read a script lines from a book, and the other had to improv to go along with the script without knowing the real script.

After that, Vacation, a game where two of the troupe was sitting, looking at a “slideshow” of their vacation, while two others had to pose for the “slides” each time and during the scene was given an explanation.

Finally, ‘Pick up Lines,’ where they took all of the suggested lines that the audience wrote, dumped them out on the stage, and read them one by one to create a scene with pick up lines.

The audience was entranced by everyone’s performance, urging for more content and improv, but sadly, the show must always end. Each member gave their bow as the audience stood and applauded.