Tennis Undefeated in District: Focuses on Playoffs


Seth Miller

Mason Callaway, 12, swings his racquet at the tennis ball

Bronco tennis players beat out their competition going undefeated in district. The teams first championship since 2016 and  the Broncos are first seed heading into the playoffs. Assistant Tennis Coach Lisa Osborn believes the success is on the leaders of the team.

“The team has put a lot of work in, and we have a good group of seniors. Our captains are doing a good job of keeping everyone on track and motivated. We’ve had some close matches but came out on top,” Osborn said.

In tennis, a match between two schools consists of 19 matches. There’s three girls doubles matches, three boys doubles matches, a mixed match (one boy and one girl vs. one boy one girl) and 12 singles matches. The first team to win 10 matches wins the event. Even if one team has won ten matches the schools still play out the remaining matches. However, in playoffs once a team has won 10 matches that’s it.

Senior Mason Callaway believes tennis lacks a physical challenge which makes it different from other sports.

“Tennis is fun. It’s more of a mental game than anything. If you watch tennis on TV you know it looks physically challenging, but it’s really just mental – getting your stroke down takes some learning,” Callaway said.

The Broncos competed with unfamiliar teams this season because of the UIL district realignment. Coach Osborn agrees the competition isn’t what they’re used to seeing, but the team has adjusted well.

“It’s a year to year thing. You have strong years and down years. We have a good group of seniors this year while other schools in our district are having a down year,” Osborn said. “I think overall it’s a little less competitive, but we are a strong team this year with lots of experience.”

On Wednesday Oct. 17 the tennis team will play Fort Worth Northside at Legacy High School at 4:00 p.m.

“The team along with myself would like to get to the regional quarterfinals. Legacy has never got past that round, so if we got in a position to get there and advance that’d be sweet,” Callaway said.