Volleyball Clinches Playoff Spot


Seth Miller

Maylasia Murdock, 12, and Keslyn King, 12, jumps into the air and block the ball

The ball seems stuck in the air, high above the net. Junior right-side hitter Trinity Mongare’s hand soon comes to greet the ball with a thunderous thump. The ball speeds down toward a Seguin volleyball player, bounces off her arm and flies into the bleachers. This spike gave the team the 16th point of the set, that we would later win in dominant fashion.

After missing the playoffs for the past two seasons, UIL district realignment moved the Broncos away from Waxahachie, Red Oak, Midlothian and Lake Ridge. The team paired against Burleson, Centennial and Granbury which lead to more success on the court. However, Mongare does not believe the new district caused the success.

“With the new district there’s new challenges and competition. I just think we’ve came together as a team better this year than we did last year,” Mongare said. “Now we say things like ‘play for each other’ and that no matter what we have a set goal in mind to play for our teammates.”

Even though the volleyball team improved their season record, sophomore defensive-specialist Payton Hyden notes they have some struggles to take care of.

“I would say [coming from a passer], I feel our service-receive play is our weak point the court right now. Sometimes we have communication problems on the floor even though we have a very strong bond,” Hyden said. “And we have to fight earlier on in each game. We go through a little stretch in the middle of our games and kinda lose focus.”

Hyden believes if the team remains as one, they can overcome all adversity.

“Staying together and staying focused is what will win us games,” Hyden said. “Each position has to do their job, and we can work through anything.”

Overall the Broncos are 23-17, but despite barely creeping over a .500 record, Mongare thinks it’s better than last year.

“[We have] a lot better record than we did, and we never really focused on playing together,” Mongare said. “This season has gone pretty well.”

The Broncos currently sit tied for second and in their most recent game. With the win, the volleyball team improves to 10-2 in district and clinched a spot in the playoffs. Mongare understands how much each game means and what it prepares them for.

“It prepares us for, I’m assuming, the tough teams that we will see in the playoffs, and for what happens next after that,” Mongare said. “I would like to see us go as far as we possibly can, that’d be a real accomplishment.”

The Broncos will face Burleson on Oct. 19 at 5:30 p.m. The match will be held at Burleson in the varsity gym.