Review: ‘Eurydice’

Logan Chapman, 12, performs at the preview nigh of Eurydice. Theater's fall show opens Oct. 3-6.

Seth Miller Photo

Logan Chapman, 12, performs at the preview nigh of Eurydice. Theater's fall show opens Oct. 3-6.

Legacy Theater students performed their fall show, “Eurydice” a Greek tragedy with a modern twist. The show follows the journey of Eurydice from life to death and love to loss.

Being on the stage alone brings the viewer into a fuller experience, and before the show can even begin, the vibe of the theater feels magical and filled with wonder. Soft ambiance plays quietly before the show starts, and when it does you feel your whole surroundings as it is enveloped in darkness.

Immediately greeted by Eurydice and Orpheus sweet and innocently in love, the contrasted lovers tie a thread of love that shapes the plot of the show. The lights felt bright and reflected on the overall peaceful tone of the beginning scenes.

As the actors walked along the square structure stage, you see and feel even more emotions due to the in-depth viewing that the audience is seated in. Your heart will race in the transitions between each scene, as you become unaware of what the next character will say or do when they move through the show.

Though the show remained calm for a while, the story was a tragedy, therefore the turn in the show helped to accompany the pain and sadness of the show. The light of life fades as the conflict wins against the love between Eurydice and Orpheus.

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What once felt like a love story quickly became a tragedy, the show moved to a shift against love and loss. The stage feels cold, the lighting dimmed with azure as Eurydice transitions to an unfamiliar place where she is left unknowing of a life once lived.

When things could only become worse for Eurydice, she meets with a familiar face, though unfamiliar to her. The light and atmosphere became softer, though seemingly in despair, Eurydice’s father becomes a ray of hope in this underworld.

The show takes another shift even in such an unwelcomed setting. This afterlife world though in the world of death, reveals content and love between the daughter and father. The rekindled love between Eurydice and her father felt too real as she was taught life once again.

While the story seemed stable with this father-daughter relationship, the conflict itself still present, and another one arises to disturb the peace of death. Eurydice had to battle between the choice of love between romance or familiar, and life between the two worlds.

You almost meet with a taste of shadow as the stage becomes solely enveloped in sadness and the small amount of light through the small thread of love which betrayed. The water below the stage and the raining effects stole the time these characters had together and created a serene and unique form of loss and which the audience got to experience personally.

Legacy Theater’s production of “Eurydice” not only had a well-crafted and detailed stage, but had beyond quality actors and crews. Eurydice’s emotional and impactful tale of life, love and loss brings lessons of personal experiences and is a must-see show that will change anyone’s view of life.