Key Club Sells Socks for Student in Africa

Key Club sponsors a child in Africa by raising funds to send her to a private school in Uganda for an entire year. The club sells socks for $12 per pack for the Socks for School fundraiser in Nov. 

Leticia, a young student from Uganda, writes to Key Club. Legacy students can help raise money for Leticia by purchasing socks from Key Club during lunch in Nov.

The We Help Two organization is a partner of Key Club International and works to send children in Africa to school. The program focuses on education in poverty-stricken areas where they would not receive the same school experience. A committee, led by Caroline Brown and Hannah Brantley, hopes to meet their goal of 105 packages sold through Nov.

“It’s for a really good cause and I am happy to be a part of it,” Brantley said. “We will be able to send a girl to school and really impact her life.”

The Key Club is responsible for a 12-year-old girl in Uganda named Leticia. She will receive school fees, new uniforms and meals. Her teacher will receive a portion of their salary on behalf of the We Help Two organization.

“We hope to sell enough packages to send our child to school,” Key Club President Camilla Brown said. “We want to help build a more caring environment for our school and involve everyone in helping.”

Key Club began its partnership with the We Help Two program in 2018 through the Socks for Legs project which donated a prosthetic leg to a child in need. This year, they wanted to shift focus to the Socks for School in support of a child in Africa. 

“We want to give her a really successful school year and be able to sponsor her again to get her all the way through school,” Brantley said. 

The Key Club received a letter from Leticia thanking them for their sponsorship and telling them about herself. They will continue to write letters and stay in contact with Leticia throughout her school year.

“We hope she will be able to go to college and get more opportunities for herself,” Brown said. “We want to inspire her just as much as she has inspired us.”