Free Meals To Be Distributed During Summer

Graphic provided by Rita Denton

Graphic provided by Rita Denton

MISD will distribute free meals during the summer for the sixth year in a row. Meals will be distributed at Icenhower Intermediate, Lake Ridge High School, Perry Elementary, Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary, Morris Elementary, and Harmon Elementary on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9-11 a.m.. However, Rita Denton, director of student nutrition, has altered the precautions taken at the meal distributions amid COVID-19.

In order to prevent further spread of COVID-19, volunteers and staff must follow strict safety precautions such as washing hands every 30 minutes and wearing single use gloves when handling food.

“Student Nutrition staff and volunteers complete a health screening prior to entering the building each day,” Denton said. “We practice social distancing during prep, meal assembly and as much as we can during service.”.

Amid the extension of spring break, MISD Student Nutrition staff arranged volunteers, ordered all food and paper goods to be handed out. On March 16, meals became available to the public. This will continue all through the summer until July 31. The meals are available to all children ages 18 years or younger and adults with special needs up to age 21. Each individual will receive three breakfast meals and three lunch meals.

“It has been an ever-evolving system,” Denton said. “We have served almost 300,000 meals in our curbside service.”

Along with Student Nutrition staff, parents and teachers of the MISD community are encouraged to volunteer. Despite the adversity, the staff remains determined to continue to provide meals to the community.

“Our plan is to continue feeding kids no matter what,” Denton said. “We will work closely with USDA, TDA, CDC, local health officials and district leadership to ensure our plan is safe and meets all health and safety requirements.”