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Meet the Teacher

“So far my time at Legacy has been met with extreme support, open arms and lots of smiles. The staff goes out of their way to see that I have what I need, especially my department. Honestly, it may seem like a challenge to others on the outside, but inside, my mind was already set to meet every task with optimism and grit so that what seems like a challenge actually fuels me to finish the greater task of starting fresh in a new city, new campus with new energy.”

“The greatest challenge has been learning how to balance my time between home and work. My time at Legacy has been very welcoming! Whenever I ask someone for help they are very generous with their time and friendly.”

“As this is not my first year as an educator, it does feel like a new job during a pandemic. The greatest challenge would be having to teach virtually for all five high schools in the district on top of all the other responsibilities I have as a teacher and JV cheer coach. However, these challenges have not changed my love for education and what is most important is making sure all students are successful. My time at Legacy High School has been great! Everyone from faculty and staff have been so welcoming and helpful.”

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Meet the Teacher: Spring 2021