Dominic Jones: A Mentor On and Off the Field


Photo by Landri Hargrove

Middle schoolers from the DFW area competed in the Middle School Madness tournament on November 6 and 7.

Leilani Fierro, Entertainment Editor

Junior Dominic Jones watches the seventh-grade Linda Jobe baseball team take some practice swings. He examined their swings and gave them some pointers. The players valued his opinions.

The Big League of Dreams Stadium hosted the Middle School Madness baseball tournament on November 6 and 7. Jones volunteered to help coach the middle schoolers.

“I have known them since they were little and the dads were asking me to,” Jones said. “I figured it would be fun since I already know them and could possibly help them win.”

Jones told the boys to swing at anything between the batter box from chest to ankles to make them stop taking bad pitches. He wants to be a role model for the boys on and off of the field. 

“I told the boys to get 1% better every day in anything, it doesn’t matter. Baseball isn’t the only thing in life so it applies to life outside of baseball, like being a better friend, son, or something like school,” Jones said.

Jones reminisces on playing in the same tournament as a seventh-grader. His role on the field transitioned from a player to a mentor. 

“They showed me that you should keep having fun,” Jones said. “Baseball isn’t the only thing in life, it gave me joy to see them play. I saw myself and my friend group in them.”