The Next Generation of Broncos


Photo by Sam Freeman

Freshman Jaden Manning dribbles the ball during the game against Burleson High School.

Freshman Jaden Manning and freshman Cade Julius finished their basketball season and woke up the next morning ready to go to baseball tryouts. They’re multi-sport athletes that haven’t had a day off in months. All their hard work and sweat have paid off so far in their high school career. Manning loves to compete and grow as a person and player.

“I love playing multiple sports because of my competitive nature and also the different cultures around them all,” Manning said.”I love getting better and growing as a person and player.”

Manning believes his future is bright because of his growth and knowing he has three years left in high school, he is eager to improve on his great Freshman year so that he can be on varsity by next year.

“I feel like I have started my high school career off nice,” Manning said. “I’m going to keep improving for years to come. My main goal in sports is to just get better” 

Julius always stays busy playing multiple sports and stays ready for the future of his athletic career. He’s got a lot of time left in high school but keeps goals in mind such as playing with his brother on varsity.

“Playing multiple sports is good because it keeps me busy all the time,” Julius said. “I have something to look forward to every day.” 

Julius always looks to get better but knows he has three years left to improve by getting stronger and growing. Julius plans to play on varsity by his sophomore year to be able to play with his older brother.

“It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by, but three years is a lot of time, “Julius said.  “I’m not too worried yet, but I want to get better.” 

Julius wants to play with his brother on varsity while they go to the same school and is ready to work hard to get there.

“My main goal is to grow and develop for my sophomore year. I want to be on varsity baseball to have an opportunity to play with my brother,” Julius said.

Julius has multiple passions but baseball is the thing he loves most because he’s played the sport for years and his brother is his inspiration.

“I’ve played baseball and basketball my whole life so it’s tough. If I had to choose it would be baseball, it’s been my passion for as long as I can remember,” Julius said.

Freshman Larissa Young plays softball and basketball and is eager to grow as a two-sport athlete. She is ready to be a mentor for the freshman coming in next year and she’s happy about her connection with her teammates this year.

I feel excited because I know next year I get to see the newer freshmen experience the excitement and anxiousness that I did,” Young said. “I am ready to help guide them next year.”

— Larissa Young, 9

Young has played multiple sports for 7 years now and has experienced different coaching and different styles throughout the years.

“My favorite part about playing multiple sports is getting to see how different the coaches are and having friends who act differently in each sport.”

Young has experience on her side from her freshman year and she is ready to help develop the new freshman and guide them through the year.

“I feel excited because I know next year I get to see the newer freshmen experience the excitement and anxiousness that I did,” Young said. “I am ready to help guide them next year.”

Young’s ambitions for next year are big and she is ready to work hard to reach her goals.

“My main goal for next year is to keep up my grades to all A’s and make the playoffs in both sports next year.”

If Young had to choose a sport it would be softball because of her experience through the years in playing both sports.

“My favorite sport is softball because I connect with the team and coaches more than basketball,” Young said. “I always have, and it has always been easier to get comfortable during softball.”