Mansfield ISD Increases Starting Pay, Veteran Salaries


Photo by Mansfield ISD Communications Department

The 4% starting pay and salary increase will go into effect during the 22-23 school year. The increase will not effect the current tax rate.

Mansfield district’s teacher’s salaries will raise for the 2022-2023 school year. Superintendent Dr. Kimberley Cantu chose to help compensate teachers and all the work they accomplished this year. 

“In order to retain quality teachers and staff, it is imperative that we recognize the hard work that goes into providing an education that inspires students to be productive citizens,” Dr. Cantu said. “This allows Mansfield ISD to also stay competitive with our surrounding districts.”

Money from the general fund that supports Mansfield ISD’s day-to-day operations helped fund the new compensation plan with an increase of over $11 million. This sets a starting 4% raise for new teachers, nurses and librarians on the 187-day bachelor’s scale. This means a $2,612 increase with no inflated insurance rates, signifying an actual raise. Teachers with a higher degree or who have taught for more than 21 years will expect a slightly higher salary. 

“It’s a great move for the district to make teachers happy,” Principal Shelly Butler said. “Whenever you talk about paying people more money, I know that makes them a little bit more comfortable.”

For the past three years, teachers experienced trials of overworking by planning flexible lessons, handling various kinds of student issues, grappling with extra responsibilities because of staffing shortages and trying to remain healthy so they could keep working. With such stressors pulling them thin, teachers needed a pay increase. 

“Teaching is a calling. Teachers carry the weight and worry of student success because they love what they do and they love their students,” Dr. Cantu said. “I don’t view this as a negative, but as something that can definitely create stress at times. When you are called to a career, particularly education, you want success and joy for all students you teach, just as parents want the same for their children.”

With such a competitive pool of districts in one of the largest metroplexes in Texas, Mansfield ISD’s raised payroll makes it a strong contender for first-year teachers fresh out of college. Surrounding districts like Arlington ISD and Fort Worth ISD have starting salaries averaging $58,000. Burleson ISD pays slightly less at $56,800. Mansfield ISD used to pay teachers $58,300 but with the pay increase, teachers will now earn $60,500 and become one of the most desired districts. 

“It does help teachers because a lot of teachers have second jobs,” Dr. Butler said. “This [compensastion] would help alleviate the need for a second [job] if they get a little bit of a raise at work.”

Teachers work in a career where they are underpaid therefore it becomes more difficult to pay for life. One-third of teachers currently have to work a second job to pay the bills. Mr. John Sudbury has a second job to help pay for everything in his life. 

“This 4% raise is very generous,” Mr. Sudbury said. “It’s the best raise we’ve had in a number of years from the district.” 

Sudbury started working at the Mansfield Driving Academy to help pay for childcare when his kids were too young to go to school. Later on, when he and his wife wanted to go back to school to earn their master’s degrees, his second job reduced their debt once they graduated.

“The problem is it’s lower than inflation right now,” Mr. Sudbury said. “So even though all the teachers are getting a raise, our cost of buying groceries has increased in the last two years. It kind of gets swallowed up with just the cost of living.”

The continuous spike in inflation takes away some of the joys of getting a raise. However, Mansfield ISD’s new compensation plan will continue to help all of the teachers by adding a little extra money to their pockets as well as other help to further their comfort in their teaching job. 

“MISD is an amazing district committed to equipping teachers to uphold our core value of keeping students first. In addition, our district offers wonderful benefits, such as a mentoring program for new teachers, outstanding professional development, professional learning communities, a staff health clinic, a staff childcare facility, and competitive benefits and salaries, just to name a few of the positives of teaching in Mansfield ISD,” Dr. Cantu said.” The supportive community surrounding our district enhances the work environment, as well.”  

Though there are complications in the teaching world, the new compensation plan is a gift to teachers already in Mansfield ISD and a significant chance for those entering a teaching career. 

“Teachers have the opportunity to make a positive impact every day,” Dr. Cantu said. “They change lives and impact future generations. What could be more worth it than that?”