Paul Summers II: Leadership in a New Location


Photo by Caroline Schlieker

Senior Paul Summers II performs an elevated pistol squat during summer strength and conditioning.

Jonah Pedroza, Sports Editor

“Tighten up! Tighten up!” The phrase echoes in the weight room as senior Paul Summers II and the varsity football team wait for the coaches further instruction. This marks Summers first season with the Broncos as a transfer student from Duncanville High School.

I want to come here and help change the program around,” Summers said. “[I want to] make a name for myself.”

I want to come here and help change the program around,” Summers said. “[I want to] make a name for myself.”

— Paul Summers II, 12

Summers initially planned to come to Legacy last year to play with his cousin, 2022 graduate Preston Harris. Since joining the team this summer, Summers’ leadership and work ethic have taken the team by storm.

“I want to help everyone get better, including myself.” Summers said. Honestly, everyone has bought in, and I can say we will be ready to go and have a great season.”

Part of the team buying in included electing Summers one of three team captains. The captains meet once a week with head coach Jeff Hulme.

Paul and I have gotten pretty close,” Coach Hulme said. “He has come and jumped right in. [Paul’s] very positive and he’s rallied the team and the team has responded.”

Summers’ on the field impact has already been felt as his 162 receiving yards and one touchdown earned him an Offensive Player of the Week honor against Richland. Although Summers transferred from a powerhouse, moving up to 6A will be an adjustment for the team that Coach Hulme feels the team is ready for.

I think we’re vastly improved over last year,” Coach Hulme said. “My goal for this team is to be the best they can be each week. The wins will follow if we keep to that process and trust that process.”

Despite their differences, the intensity that both Duncanville and Legacy practice with on a day to day basis is similar. This intensity implemented by the Legacy coaching staff created a bond between the team and a team oriented mindset crucial to winning. Legacy will play Duncanville to close their season on Nov. 3 at R.L. Anderson.

“I appreciate all my teammates and I’m just glad to go to war with them,” Summers said. “[I want] to do extremely better than what happened last year and just to shock the world.”