Girls Bowling Team Advances to State


Photo by Reese Mallett

Senior Morgan Kolanek and the varsity girls bowling team will compete at state on March 25 and 26.

Connor Whitfill, Staff Writer

The lights reflect off the oiled allies as bowlers gather to watch the last frame. Senior Morgan Kolanek steps forward and examines the red-striped pins before her. The girls bowling team will qualify for state if she can make this shot. With one deep breath, she swings the ball back behind her and rolls it down the lane. 

The district meet took place at the Forum Bowl in Grand Prairie on Feb. 18. Both the girls’ and boys’ bowling teams advanced to the regional meet on Mar. 5 at the USA Bowl in Dallas, where the girls’ team qualified for state. Kolanek led the girls’ team this year and wanted to always push them to do their best.

“Sometimes it’s just hard to try not to shoot for perfection. So I’ve taught myself to take a step back and just go with the flow.””

— Morgan Kolanek

“Bowling made me a better student and leader,” Kolanek said. “It motivated me to get all my work turned in and to become a role model for others.”

Kolanek has bowled for four years as the girls’ team captain. She meets with her team every Monday and Thursday to practice. In one of her team games, she bowled a score of 200 twice in a row. While she bowls, she tries to teach herself to not be a perfectionist. 

Although the boys’ team did not qualify for state, sophomore Adam Obhmalay refused to give up on future bowling seasons. He’s been a part of the team for one year, however, he felt like the sport shaped him to become more determined in life. 

“You cannot win without doing your best,” Obhmalay said. “I would also say I have a great bond with the team, anytime we’re free we have to meet up. It’s also a huge reason bowling is a lot of fun to me.”

In the middle of the season, Coach Mike Young passed away. Although each of the members of their team grieved in their own ways, players honored his legacy by becoming better players in spite of his death. 

“I was very shocked when I heard the news from my mom,” Kolanek said. “Coach Mike was always my biggest supporter, I’m sure he’s very proud of where we are right now and probably rooting for us.”

The team will compete at the state match on March 25.