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Covering the Bronco Nation.

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Different Town, Different District: Martin vs. Legacy

They may be in different towns and different districts, but what’s the real difference between James Martin High School and Mansfield Legacy?

Outwardly, James Martin High School and Mansfield Legacy High School might seem similar, but if you take a look on the inside, you’ll find that they are undeniably different. I’m lucky enough to have the experience of both high schools and have a good feel for how they operate. I compiled a list of the main differences I noticed.

Population and layout
Around 3,700 students are enrolled at Martin, but only about 2,600 at Legacy. However, the Legacy building beats Martin in size. Martin only has two floors, while Legacy has three, and the Martin cafeteria is nearly half the size of Legacy’s. Another way Martin’s layout differs from Legacy’s is that it has a section of the school devoted to AP classes while Legacy’s AP classes are dispersed throughout the building.

Passing period
At Martin, students are allotted six minutes during passing periods while at Legacy it’s five minutes. However, at Martin, there isn’t a two-minute warning before the bell rings.

Cheerleading credit
Cheerleading at Legacy counts as two credits while Martin cheer doesn’t even count as one.

Martin’s lunch is an hour long and is at the same time for everybody in the school. Students aren’t confined to the cafeteria and can leave campus and roam freely around the school during the hour. At Legacy, students eat in the cafeteria, and lunch is split up into four periods. Also, with so many students at Martin, food options run out rather quickly if you don’t get to the line fast enough. Sometimes the fruit and juice options are non-existent. Or if you arrive at the line really late, you might get a whole new menu item. Sometimes they resort to handing out leftovers from breakfast, like blueberry muffins.

Vending machines 
Legacy’s vending machines don’t offer sugary drinks while at Martin they do. The healthier drink options provide students with the energy and focus they need to get through the school day. Also, Legacy’s vending machines are newer and more reliable. At Martin, it’s not a rare occurrence for the machine to steal your money or just not give you your snack.

STEM program 
Martin offers a STEM program within the school that places those students into classes with specialized STEM teachers while Legacy STEM students attend Frontier High School.

Dress code
Martin has a moderate dress code while Legacy’s dress code is more regulated. At Martin, shorts can be any length, while at Legacy the minimum is fingertip length. At Legacy, leggings must be worn with a shirt that covers your butt, while at Martin, leggings can be worn with a shirt of any length. At Martin, the dress code lines are blurred and it’s not really enforced. You can wear pajama pants, hats, crop tops, tank tops, full-bodysuits, 2.5-inch shorts, etc. and no one would bat an eye. At Legacy, the rules are more defined and you’re less likely to get away with breaking the dress code.

Homecoming dance
Legacy has an annual homecoming dance while at Martin there is only a homecoming football game. However, this might change this year, as Martin’s parents are not content with this.

At Legacy, wearing an ID badge at all times is required, while at Martin, it is not. Also, at Legacy, the doors leading out of the school are more monitored than at Martin.

A big schedule difference between the two schools is the advisory period. Unlike Legacy, Martin doesn’t have an advisory period, and instead, that extra time goes towards lunch and passing periods.

Block schedule
At Legacy, school starts at 7:25 a.m., while at Martin, school begins at 7:35 a.m. However, Martin students get released at 3:00 p.m. while Legacy students get released at 2:55 p.m. The bell times are also different at both schools. Here are both school’s block schedules;

First block: 7:35-9:07
Second block: 9:13-10:54
Third block: 11:00-12:34
Lunch: 12:34-1:21
Fourth block: 1:27-3:00

First block: 7:25-8:55
Second block: 9:00-10:30
Advisory: 10:35-11:00
Third block/lunch: 11:00-1:20
Fourth block: 1:25-2:55

Phone policy
At Legacy, the new cell phone policy only allows students to use their devices during lunch and passing periods. At Martin, it’s whatever the teacher deems acceptable for their class, however, it seems this year more Martin teachers are taking the initiative to lessen screen time in their classrooms. In this aspect, the schools are similar, as it seems stricter phone policies are being implemented at both schools.

Legacy bathrooms are significantly bigger than Martin’s bathrooms. The bathrooms at Martin get overcrowded quickly while at Legacy they’re spacious. Also, Martin’s bathrooms are outdated, unlike Legacy’s. However, Legacy’s restrooms don’t have doors, while Martins do.

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