Makenna and Kelsey: Super Sculptors

Makenna Jones, 12, works on a project in Ceramics class. Jones joined ceramics

Ryland Mallett

Makenna Jones, 12, works on a project in Ceramics class. Jones joined ceramics

They mold the clay and focus on every little detail, Seniors Makenna Jones and Kelsey Roberts do what they do best, create ceramics.  

“I was interested in being artsy and that being my creative outlet,” Jones said. “But drawing was difficult for me.”

Jones joined ceramics junior year and fell in love with the idea of sculpting clay. With the help of Mr. Skinner, Jones’ creativity grew and she joined advanced ceramics her senior year. Roberts described Art as her favorite class to go to during the day.

“I have created eight total pieces so far,” Roberts said. “Two going to the VASE competition.”

Every time Jones walked into her art class she immediately grabbed her current project and continued to sculpt. As she worked on the project, she socialized with her friends and focused on finishing the sculpture.

“I’m always eager to get to AP Ceramics,” Roberts said. “I am blessed that I have an awesome teacher and friends that I get to see.”

Roberts agrees art can be shown many different ways, and anything is considered.

“Little to no restrictions or requirements are involved,” Jones said. “Nothing has changed over the last four years.”

Mr. Shane Skinner, AP Ceramics teacher helps all students and often motivates to the best of his abilities.

Art 1 students have changed, of course, but many students have continued in the more advanced classes,” Skinner said. “The curriculum hasn’t changed much though.”

Skinner looked for gifted artists, when something went wrong they conquered it and kept working to fix it.

“I look for above-average abilities. Also, they need to be willing to take risks and adapt to mistakes or challenges they will face,” Skinner said. “If they have these qualities, they can continue to work and improve their skills.”

Roberts is always very eager to return to art, she looks forward to working by the side of her friends.

“These awesome people and good memories I made,” Roberts said. “That will be something I’ll never forget.”