A Question For Brinley

Once upon a time, there was an amazing newspaper editor named Brinley. She lived in the journalism room because the evil wizard named Ritz locked her away after she quit debate. Brinley spent her days correcting comma errors, posting stories, and spending endless hours on NoRedInk.

“I am be stuck here in this room but the journalism staff is like a family to me,” exclaimed Brinley! “It’s just a lot of fun doing NoRedInk day after day.”

Brinley was lying. It was extremely not fun until one day, a rival editor came strolling into the journalism room. In a Battle Of The Writers, Ryland’s editing abilities held its own against even Brinely’s famed comma powers.

“She really was the best writer I have ever seen,” admitted Ryland. “At least I will always have her beat on Amaze.”

Brinley, will you go to homecoming with me?

  • Yes (100%, 2,020 Votes)
  • Maybe so (0%, 1 Votes)
  • No (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,021

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In the end, Brinley prevailed as the best editor and Ryland agreed to be the assistant for one day. In exchange for his service, Brinley agreed to go to Homecoming with Ryland even though she finally proved she is the superior editor.

“It really was the best decision I have made since I decided to quit debate,” said Brinley.