Foster The People Review

Foster The People Review

Joe Kinler, Staff Writer

Jumping into mainstream media with their hit single, “Pumped Up Kicks” Foster the People formed in Los Angeles, California as an indie pop band. Consisting of a solid 10 tracks, their debut album Torches brings a strong start into their music career with a unique sound and style. 

Foster the People has an interesting sound to say the least. They have the ability to rope the listener in with hooks in all of their songs whether it is the dynamic synth in “Helena Beat” or the catchy bass line “Pumped Up Kicks”. These hooks give way to full and moving choruses like “Waste” and its patient love story. Lead singer Mark Foster has an interesting quality to his voice, which is clean, and alternates between his lower note verses and higher pitched choruses that are well harmonized and really powerful. Overall, their sound blends unique musical styling which makes them refreshing to listen to.
– 9 out of 10

Lyrics and Writing
With topics ranging from love to self-improvement, Foster the People bring a variety of stories into their songs and song writing. The initial clean and light sound to their music proves misleading with many of their songs having a darker, more solemn lyrical tone. Passion can be felt in almost all of the lyrics of this album. Whether the dedicated love that the lyrics express in the song “I Would Do Anything For You”, or the darker theme of trying to catch a break against the world in “Life on the Nickel”, Foster the People bring emotion and interest into their songs. While they may not have the most original lyrics, the songs are greatly varied and well written.
– 8 out of 10

Listening to Foster the People for the first time delivers quite an experience. They have a very Indie sound, which either attracts a lot of listeners or scares them away. However, with catchy rhythms and inspiring choruses the band combines elegant lyrical writing with a dynamic and engrossing sound which draws and keeps the attention of even the most stubborn listeners.
– 9 out of 10

Overall Rating:
8.7 out of 10