Review: ‘Faith County’

Legacy theater performs 'Faith County'.

Ellie Brutsche

Legacy theater performs 'Faith County'.

Cameron Dudzinski, Staff Writer

After watching “Faith County,” I realized just how entertaining plays can be. I’ll admit, I had no idea what I was getting into. As soon as the play started, I was entranced. They started off strong and were able to catch my attention perfectly. The play had much more pros than cons, and I’ll keep it spoiler free.


I liked how each character varied and had different personalities and styles. Not only that, but the cast was so into their performance and their role. “Faith County” never took a break when it came to humor. As a southern comedy, it perfectly resembled a modern-day country-style type of life that anyone living down south can relate to. Even the background and props on stage helped to show that southern vibe that made the play even more immersive. I have to hand it to the cast and everyone who helped in the making.

There wasn’t much that I didn’t enjoy about it. One thing I can say is that I wished it was longer than its 90-minute runtime. The play was so well thought out and performed that I was dying for more. Aside from it being a little short, there was really nothing else I can say that I didn’t like about it.

Final Thoughts:
Overall I really enjoyed the play. I highly recommend that anyone new to seeing theater shows. Just watching “Faith County” has made me appreciate high school and regular plays even more. Everyone who helped deserves my applause and I’m excited so see more plays from Legacy’s theater group.