Review: Cabaret


Cameron Dudzinski, Staff Writer

Legacy Musical Theater students performed their annual Cabaret show on May 3. This year’s theme, “A Light in the Darkness” contained a variety of musical numbers; solos, duets and group numbers. Students choreographed the entire show aside from the opening number.

The show contained different symbols of darkness and light, showing the despair and hope in our daily lives. The songs chosen portrayed feelings of tragedy, devastation, difficult obstacles, hope, joy and forgiveness.

The goal for the show revolved around the idea of bringing light and positivity into the evening through the universal messages of music.

The opening number started nice and pleasant, having the students perform the song “Play” from the musical, “Finding Neverland.” Energy and joy was evident as the students acted as adults rejoicing as they remembered the inspiration in being children again.

Following after, the students performed songs of anguish and despair. It was clear the songs conveyed the sadness always present in our lives. Songs such as “Mamma Who Bore Me” and “The Dark I Know Well” from the musical “Spring Awakening,” gave the messages of despair and sadness in people’s lives.

Then started songs of happiness and hope, solo performances gave the sense of finding hope and striving for better when all is lost. Shiloh Burk sung “One Song Glory” from the musical “Rent”. Senior Jisella Ayala performed “Out Tonight” also from “Rent.” Freshman Emily Ledesma followed with a performance of “Santa Fe” from the musical “Newsies.” All three of these solo performances showed the passion in the performers and the message they wished to give to the audience. The hope and joy in these songs helped lift from the songs of despair, helped bring that small amount of light. Each performance became powerful and emotional.

Next, a series of group performances, sparked more happiness and hope, but also forgiveness. Songs performed for example; “Days In The Sun” from “Beauty and the Beast”, “When I Grow Up” from “Matilda the Musical”, and “My Shot” from the musical “Hamilton”. Each group performance conveyed the emotions of hope and happiness from the students, making it a very impactful moment in the show.

The most emotional part of the performance was when all of the Musical Theater students performed the song “You Will Be Found” from the musical “Dear Evan Hansen.” The emotion put out was at a maximum and brought so much hope to that of the crowd.

At the very end, Ms. Alverson invited all alumni on stage to close with the final song that they perform every year. Alumni, seniors and underclassmen students performed the song “What I Did For Love” from “A Chorus Line.”

The Cabaret gave impactful emotions such as sadness, despair and hope. It influenced the audience with a sense of light breaking through the darkness of their lives.