Gunna Releases Highly Anticipated Album


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DRIP SEASON 4EVER album cover.

Gunna, one of the most popular and influential rappers in the current day just released his highly anticipated album, DRIP SEASON 4EVER or DS4EVER, the last of his Drip Season album series. This album teased on social media for over six months so fans were ecstatic to get a taste of the Atlanta native’s newest music, as it went Triple Platinum within the first week of its release.

Gunna’s album released with reference to his new catchphrase “pushin P.” Gunna defines this phrase very loosely, but in essence to value your highest morals. His examples of “pushin P” were being loyal, putting your friends in a position to be successful, and spending your hard-earned money. “pushin P,” the second song of the album is the only song with an uppercase letter in the name. This makes sense as the vibe in the song compares differently to the rest of the album.

Like many new albums, Gunna adds versatility to DRIP SEASON 4EVER by featuring over 10 popular current artists in many different genres. The most notable features are 21 Savage on “thought i was playing,” Lil Baby on “25k jacket,” and Future on the previously released hit “too easy.”

“Too easy,” the lead single in DRIP SEASON 4EVER released Sept. 24, 2021, far before the rest of the album. The heavily anticipated remix to this song featuring Roddy Ricch wrapped up the album. Since the release, another song, “P power” introduced to the album, featuring Drake and once again referencing Gunna’s definition of being “P.”

Many people on Twitter feel as though there were no true low points to this album. “South to west,” “alotta cake” and “flooded” have been fan favorites since the day the album released among many other songs. These songs without features may have been better than those that did feature other top artists. Gunna puts his unmatched ability to switch flows and create intricacies and contrasts within his own music on full display in this album, and that may be the reason why fans feel he sounds better solo. In the song, “so far ahead > empire” the “>” isn’t used as a greater than sign but rather an arrow. Gunna essentially combines two songs into one on this track and at 2:44 changes the beat and melody while maintaining the same flow. This change culminated in Gunna’s artistic expression throughout the album, as it is the final song excluding the later added “too easy” remix.

When Gunna added other artists to the album, he did a good job of making sure the artists featured weren’t always similar to him. Future, 21 Savage and Lil Baby add to Gunna’s sound, but the additions of G Herbo, Nechie and Chloe allowed Gunna to add even more contrast to his music. Featuring Chloe on the track “you & me,” a spin-off of Jon Bon’s “They Don’t Know,” could have been Gunna’s best addition to this album. Chloe’s peaceful and feminine vibe flows perfectly off of Gunna’s relaxed and melodic flow allowing them to swirl together to a yin and yang sort of feel throughout the song. This nature replicated in many songs to create Gunna’s newest work of art.

Regardless, fans always have more to ask. Gunna dropped a snippet of the unreleased song, “banking on me” in the fall of 2021 and fans loved the sound, but the song was left off of the album. Since then, fans have done some digging and the song leaked and unofficially made an album debut. Even then, Gunna’s ability to produce lots of high-quality music at once left fans begging for more directly on the heels of the release of DRIP SEASON 4EVER. There have been no reports of Gunna publicly mentioning dropping more music, but we can expect another album around the end of 2022 or early 2023. Regardless, fans should expect Gunna’s next work to be equal to or better than this album with his consistent improvement throughout his rap career.