Video Game to TV Show: The Cuphead Show


The popular video game ‘Cuphead’ transitioned to a TV show in February 2022. The show currently airs on Netflix. (Photo by Netflix)

The hit game “Cuphead” launched in 2017. Many adore the game for its unique graphics, music, and boss fights. This prompted the creators to begin production of the series, “The Cuphead Show.” Released in February 2022, the show follows two brothers as they encounter mischievous and crazy scenarios. The series contains a distinctive art style, funny callbacks to the game through its developed characters, and extraordinary producers.

“The Cuphead Show” mixes its animation styles from stop-motion to 2D. In some shots, the environment will be in stop motion through the use of clay. However, digital animation, done through Harmony Animations, makes up a majority of the series. While hand-drawn animation would be better, the designers were on a time limit and did a good job with what they had. I can appreciate how the stop motion made a callback to old-style animation, such as “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.”

No video game show would be complete without references to its source material. In “The Cuphead Show,” they bring back some of my favorite characters, such as Porkrind. In the game and show, he serves as the black market merchant. The creators also brought back King Dice, who plays the host of a game show in the series. Without these characters, the show would not be as good. Each character adds their own comedy relief and personality to every episode.

This series would not have grown without Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. The Moldenhauer Brothers formed the MDHR studio which developed “Cuphead.” With guidance from the main creators, “The Cuphead Show” skyrocketed into popularity. I guarantee the show would do horribly if the brothers were not invited as Executive Producers. 

Overall, the show did great, and even though some of the humor focused on kids, it gave me some huge laughs. “Roll the Dice” wins the title of The Best Episode because of its comedy and introduction to fan-favorite characters. I give the entire series a four and half out of five-star rate.