Cuphead Season Two: Another Hot Brew


Photo by Netflix

The Cuphead Show released its second season Aug. 19, 2022. The new season features new characters and 13 new episodes. Photo by Netflix

Many people believe it’s impossible for video games to have successful shows or movies. However, that’s not always the case. For example, “The Cuphead Show!,” which made its debut on Netflix in early February 2022. The first season of the show provided many laughs and memorable characters from the hit video game “Cuphead: Don’t Deal with the Devil.” With such success, the series got a green light for a second season. The newest season did not let down. I would even argue this season tops the first season because of the new characters, slapstick comedy and voice actors.

Cuphead characters that appeared in the video game continue to make appearances in the show as well. Although I wish characters like Elder Kettle got more screen time, characters like Cala Maria, regarded as one of the best bosses in “Cuphead: Don’t Deal with Devil,” stands out as one of the best characters this season. She’s portrayed as a monster who longs for love but still wishes to scare people. Ms.Chalice remains the only character that comes close to Cala Maria. Chalice’s character provided a substantial amount of character development despite the show’s focus on slapstick comedy. These two characters alone already make season two the best season of “The Cuphead Show!” 

Before I watched the new season, I thought the comedy would stay on par with the previous season. However, the comedy improved by a huge margin. The addition of new characters offered a wide variety of jokes and quips. Cala Maria in particular supplied the greatest laughs. While some of the episodes provided more comedy than others, each one got a giggle from me.

The voice actors for each character continued to build on their excellent performances this season. Tru Valentino (Cuphead) and Frank Todaro (Mugman) provided authentic New York accents. Grey DeLisle (Ms.Chalice) charmed the audience with her voice while she also hinted at the mischievous nature of her character. Finally, Natasia Demetriou (Cala Maria) used a Russian accent, which threw me off at first, but as the episode progressed it grew on me. Overall, the cast directors, Sara Jane Sherman and Merle-Anne Ridley, chose the best voice actors for this show, and I would not change any of them.

Season two of “The Cuphead Show!” continued to add many wacky characters, plenty of zany humor, and the finest voice actors. I give the show a solid four and a half out of five mugs of enjoyment.