She-Hulk Review: Attorney with Flaws


Season one of the Marvel TV Show She-Hulk released Aug. 18, 2022 on Disney +. She-Hulk is based on the comic “She-Hulk” by Stan Lee. Photo by Marvel Studios.

By the end of this year, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four will end. To finish this phase, Marvel released “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.” The show follows Jennifer Walters as she learns to balance her life as a hulk and a lawyer. While the show offered some incredible cameos, factors like a poor plot and some horrendous CGI hold the show down.

Cameos remain a top priority for all Marvel products, and She-Hulk did not disappoint. Out of all the cameos to fall in love with, Daredevil stood out as the fan favorite.  Although his new adaptation removed some of his best qualities, his appearance alone makes the episode he’s in worth a watch. Other than Daredevil, cameos such as Wong added some well-needed comedy the show missed in previous episodes.

Despite these great cameos, the show begins to crumble under the weight of its bad qualities.

A show must contain a good story to succeed. Every story presented in She-Hulk comes to an end out of nowhere which begins to fracture the big story. Rather than longer episodes, the writers preferred to split the big story across many episodes which made it harder for me to understand the entire story overall. The last episode suffers from the most from this mistake because it does not have enough time to explain its story. In the end, She-Hulk’s plot just left me confused and irritated.

Talented visual effects artists always help with big Marvel products. However, their character design for She-Hulk left audiences, myself included, disgusted. For characters like She-Hulk, Marvel’s visual effects team uses CGI to try to bring characters to life. In the past, they have been successful through practical and computer-generated effects, but the team behind She-Hulk only used CGI for her design which breaks her realism. I would not be harsh on Marvel if they did not already have great CGI characters like Thanos. The CGI does not progress at all through the season which furthers my disappointment.

`While She-Hulk offered some potential to succeed as a Marvel show, the connections between plot points were too vague and the visual effects team failed to deliver a realistic CGI character. I give She-Hulk two green muscles out of five green muscles.