The Last of Us Review


Photo by HBO

The Last of Us aired on HBO Max on Jan. 15, 2023. Photo by HBO.

It’s no shock that most movies or shows adapted from video games suck. However, some shows, like HBO’s “The Last of Us” directed by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, managed to surprise everyone with how they turned out. “The Last of Us” demonstrates a near-perfect adaptation because of its characters, settings and soundtrack. 

Before the show premiered on Jan. 15, 2023, most of the actors were told not to play the game. This worried me because I did not think the actors could accurately portray characters without the original source material. However, the directors did more than just spot-on characters; they expanded on each character and made them better. The audience gets to spend more time with each character than they ever did in the game. I enjoyed the first episode the most because I formed an actual emotional attachment to Sarah, Joel’s daughter. Even some characters like Bill got a new story that deepens the impact of the show. Overall, there weren’t really any characters that disappointed me.

The settings in the show make it feel like there’s a real apocalypse. Most of the shots took place in Alberta, Canada, and things like empty streets/roads, torn-up newspapers and destroyed buildings made the show come to life. Not to mention some of the shots also replicate areas from the game. One of my favorite shots took place in the second episode where the protagonists come upon two buildings leaning up against one another. If you look at the same moment in the game, it looks like an exact replica. I hope for future seasons they continue these realistic and replicated sets. 

As someone who played the game, the music makes up a considerable part of “The Last of Us.” Without a good soundtrack, it’s difficult to immerse yourself in the setting. The show not only made good use of the music, they somehow put a spin on it that makes it more enjoyable. As soon as I heard the opening theme, I began to get chills all over my body. Anyone who watches this show can and will enjoy the music because each tune provides a harmonious experience. Overall, “The Last of Us” will forever be engraved as a video game adaptation that did not fail. The show did so well, it’s already been approved for a season two. I give this show four and a half clickers out of five clickers.