How To School Spirit


Jordyn Folsom writes about school spirit during pep rallies.

Jordyn Folsom, Feature Editor

To make the most out of the high school experience, students need to show school spirit. Right now, students can hear a pin drop during pep rallies, StuCo spends money on activities students don’t participate in and the sports teams hardly have an audience. Here are five ways new students can show their love for Legacy. 

Download the Bronco Superfan App
StuCo launched an app at the end of the 2017-2018 school year to help students get more involved. When students check into events, they gain points toward rewards such as free Chick-Fil-A. The app also has a calendar so they can see when and where events will take place. As a freshman or new student to Legacy, this app should be on everyone’s phone or iPad, so they can know when and how to participate.  

Go to Pep Rallies 
If you’re in your first year at Legacy, you need to attend pep rallies. StuCo works hard to plan the events and games, the band doesn’t just like to play pep-tunes for their health and the drill team works hard to learn dances for pep rallies. Students that fail to show support discourages the performers and orchestrators of the event. 

Attend After School Activities
During spirit weeks, like Bold Week, StuCo schedules activities after school to keep people involved. Last year, they hosted a poetry slam, a movie in the PAC, lunch and kites on the lawn, handed out root beer floats and hosted a field day. 

Go to Homecoming 
Most schools across the US participate in Homecoming. We have a football game, a dance for the first time in 10 years and mums and dress-up days. A decent amount of students participate in the festivities during the week, but not everyone goes to the football game on that Friday. Football games provide a place where you can meet people from school who you didn’t even know existed. All football games give students that same experience that we all should have- the chance to mingle and just be a teenager. As a new student, you most definitely need to come to games and help Legacy become a closer-knit community. 

Go to Sports Games 
The student section at sports games brings people closer- literally. As the new students on campus, you should attend the games so you can interact with people y