Golf Coach Starts Scuba Club

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Geared up in a wetsuit and snorkel, golf Coach Chad Redwine waited to dive into the ocean and explore some of the many underwater creations. Doing this for most of his life not only has made him passionate but also want to spread awareness about the ocean.

The scuba team welcomes anybody to join the club. Students and faculty are all invited to the meeting on Dec. 10 from 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in W320.

“I just want to give others the opportunity to experience diving and share a great experience that most never thought was possible,” Coach Redwine said.

After diving for 18 years as a Divemaster with Scuba Stop, Coach Redwine wants to get people engaged. Scuba stop offers Discover Scuba classes and scuba certifications with MISD pricing. One of his golfers, Carley Bolding, is certified as a rescue diver.

“First, we want to spread environmental awareness about the ocean and the pollution that is being continuously poured into it,” Coach Redwine said. “Second, since our planet is 71 percent water we want to give others the opportunity to experience the underwater world.”

Redwine wants people to listen and learn about nature. Students also can receive college credit if they become certified.

“If people are enjoying it and want to continue to learn we will keep it going,” Redwine said. “People tend to take better care of things they understand and are passionate about.”