Freshmen Take Advanced Art

In art class, junior Payton Martin molds clay on Nov. 29.

Ryland Mallett

In art class, junior Payton Martin molds clay on Nov. 29.

Jack Lewellyn, Staff Writer

Chosen by advisers to start Art I in middle school, freshmen, including Cameron Bow, begin to take more advanced art classes earlier in high school. The program alleviates the student numbers in Art I classrooms, and by letting certain middle schoolers take this class early, the plan gives art students a head start.

“Advancing further [in art] is when you really have to care about what you do,” Bow said.

Cameron Bow and other freshmen chose to take an early Art I class at their respective middle schools, which let them start out in more advanced classes as freshmen. Art teacher Amy Veselka instructs these students and those in other art classes.

“Not just anyone can take the course,” Ms. Veselka said, “but [the new students] are transferring in easily.”

Students involved in the program are taught specific portfolio-based lessons on the side, though no student has more privileges than other students because of it, and every student has an equal opportunity to learn more from the experience.

“It means everything for my future,” Bow said. “I wouldn’t be as motivated without the opportunity here.”

With the earlier start program, students who participate create a fluid plan for their courses with their last main art class taken a year early. Taking Art I a year earlier lets Bow and other students use the year that remains for any other elective.

“It’s never too early or too late to pursue art in any form,” Bow said.

The program gives chances to students who wish to further themselves with their art in a smaller environment to practice. Success in projects and tests within the class give students scholarship opportunities among other benefits besides just further experience.

“Art will really only get better the more you do it,” Bow said. “You have to really care about both you and your work.”