StuCo Collects Toys and Cans for Holiday Season


Photo by Courtesy Photo

Mansfield will host the annual Toys for Tots toy drive on Dec. 4 at the Center.

Student Council will collect toys for the annual Toys for Tots event at the Center until Dec. 3. Students can trade in toys for tickets to purchase snacks such as hot chocolate, popcorn, cotton candy, tardy passes and more. StuCo sponsor Kenna Cavnar also encourages teachers to bring canned foods for the Broncos Set the Table canned food drive.

“They happen simultaneously every year so we thought we would do it a little different,” Ms. Cavnar said. “We encouraged the staff members to do the food drive because they can give incentives, and school-wide, we’re doing Toys for Tots.”

Teachers will collect canned food items or money from their classes for Teacher Survivor Island. StuCo will eliminate the teachers with the least amount of cans each Tuesday and Thursday and will announce the final survivor Nov. 20. The winner will receive a six-weeks jean pass.

“For teachers, [jean passes are] serious business, we’re all about that,” Ms. Cavnar said. “That’s driven more by the teachers as opposed to student council.”

StuCo will donate all toys collected at Legacy to the Mansfield Toys for Tots community event on Dec. 4 from 5 to 10:30 p.m. StuCo will have a booth set up to create ornaments at the event.

“We know who it’s going towards, so we really want to do our best just to make them happy,” Student Body President Major Melson said.