MISD Participates in Book Drive

After awarded top ten in youth leaders across the country, fifth-grader Orion Jean continues his strive for kindness. Already allowed to serve children with over 600 toys and 40,000 meals, the young student wants to give more to those in need. 

Jean hopes to spread kindness with children again with the help of books this time. Students across all of MISD’s schools can turn in books to their school libraries to help Jean raise 500,000 of them. Schools will take on the charity until May 21, but Jean’s website also provides a link to donate money so he can buy books from local bookstores later on till July 31. 

When distributing books, students can bring a variety of genres, such as baby, rhyming, multilingual, chapter and storybooks. This will help with covering all of the children’s needs in reading since it shows that 90% of students who aren’t exposed to literature by the ages of three risk their timeline of graduation. Students also need to bring new or slightly used books and no readings such as coloring books or encyclopedias. In addition to turning in a book though, Jean asks for every donator to write a message of kindness to whoever will receive it. 

Jean’s involvement to help both children and adults have entertaining books will represent kindness even with just a few words of encouragement written on the inside cover. This seemingly small act of generosity can actually impact someone’s life just as Jean wants it to, by donating students are included in running the race towards kindness with him.