Assistant Principals presence unnecessary


Assistant Principals: the unnecessary last defenders for students during after school events. The administrative rule requires an AP to attend all extra-curricular activities in order to ensure safety. Granted, safety is an important issue, but the rule boggles down extra-curricular activities, and puts an unfair burden on AP’s. Enforcing the rule should stop because one administrator will not prevent a crime from occurring.


One AP attending an extra-curricular event will not ensure safety. Other teachers and coaches attended the game, so the crime occurred despite the number of authoritative figures. Adding one more to the mix would change nothing. Smith Security patrols the school at night, having them attend after school events allows for the AP’s to go home and shows to perform accordingly. The most poignant example of this rule occurred when it lead to the cancellation of the Mission Improvable show, even though both theater directors would have attended the show. The Improv team hasn’t performed a show for two months which is almost as irritating as listening to dumb jokes on the StuCo morning show. The performance’s safety does not change with an additional lone ranger wielding a walkie-talkie. The administrative rule serves no purpose and continues to boggle down activities.


If faculty and staff want to ensure school safety, install security cameras or force Smith Security defend the parking lot during shows and events. Forcing an AP to attend these events are an inconvenience to AP’s, audience member’s and performer’s schedules.