Ben Barber: The Final Frontier


Students of Mansfield ISD have the option of straying from the typical path of academics and diving into in-depth classes from a large pool of occupational pathways.  Students who have a particular passion for classes like Auto-Tech and Health Science spend nearly all of their school day at Ben Barber.  As of 2010, students can attend Frontier High School at Ben Barber, the school within a school that presents a great chance for all of Mansfield’s students to focus and prepare for a specific career path in a way not offered by standard high schools.

Frontier High will not take away career tech classes from the general Mansfield student, it will give the particularly passionate and involved tech students the ability to take full advantage of their schedules and their favorite courses.  Frontier High will even give its students a laptop to use for all their classes.  At Frontier High, students can follow the direction of their choice with accelerated project-based courses that bring educational and enjoyable results.

If anyone doesn’t like the new school’s name or its Trailblazer mascot, they needn’t worry because Ben Barber will keep its name as well.  Frontier High is literally the school within Ben Barber.  Some administrators fear the misinterpretation that Frontier High will collect an elitist group of the best students, but this is false.  Frontier High will host the students who want to graduate from Ben Barber, go to prom at Ben Barber and who meet with all of their friends from other schools at Ben Barber.  If a student hesitates about leaving behind their Legacy friends, teachers or sports teams, there’s a red flag Frontier’s not for them.  But they can still feel free to take as many of Ben Barber’s great career tech courses or dual credit classes.

Nothing can stop the momentum of the passionate students and teachers who will carry the Frontier Trailblazers during its first year, and anyone against the school needs to realize the birth of Frontier won’t hinder the wellbeing of Ben Barber.