Not Showing Our True Colors


Anyone who has lived in the MISD over the past few years should remember the fierce rivalry between Summit and Mansfield High School. Namely, their series’ of shirts with slogans like ‘out with the Gold in with the Blue,’ or ‘Always true never Blue.’ The shirts show an ongoing respect for the chosen colors, a respect that has been lacking in LHS spirit wear.

Legacy shirts in the past have appeared in orange, purple, green, camouflage, tiedye and most recently, blue. We’re not the Denver Broncos, we’re not the military and most importantly, we’re not Summit. All the other high school’s spirit shirts have brightly displayed the school colors, yet Legacy consistently strays from our own.

Mansfield High School has been around for a century, Summit for almost a decade and Timberview for five years. They generally stick to their colors after this time, yet after only three years Legacy’s extra curricular groups keep making shirts with colors that have nothing to do with the school at all. What’s wrong with red and black? Texas Tech likes them (and we like Texas Tech).  When one thinks of any college, they don’t think of other colors than their primary ones. Spirit shirts should stick to our colors.

Black-outs or Red-outs at sports events and pep-rallies get difficult when so much of the spirit wear created by our students is neither red nor black. Yes, there have been many red and black shirts, and some have expressed boredom with the huge number of them. If the designs are too similar among all the shirts, perhaps we should strive for more creative designs.

Any school or organization would want itself to be instantly recognizable. With our many recent successes we need to be recognized. Our colors show who we are. They’re like our signature. Promoting Legacy through other colors does not help to gain recognition.

We understand the want and need to add some variety to our spirit wear, but recently the majority of the spirit shirts have not included the school colors at all. Spirit wear designers should use our school colors to promote school spirit and help make our signature colors recognizable everywhere.

Editor’s Note: This article has been the cause of recent controversy for the wrong reasons. Its purpose is to promote support for our school colors. We have no intention to attack a specific group or person. We recognize the positive purpose derived from some of the shirts and do not wish to diminish their efforts or effects.