Meredith Bell

Amanda Granato

Freshman Meredith Bell concentrates on the line that flows from her pencil. She smiles as she proceeds to shade in the shape with confident strokes, content in doing ‘her thing’. When Bell isn’t drawing, she spends her time dancing at a studio, writing, and listening to music.

“I’ve been dancing since I was two and I stopped for five years and then started again. I like dance because it’s not school work and it’s a way to get away from education, but it’s still something you can do at school. I also dance at a studio and we do recitals every year.”

“I like English because its an easy class for me and writing just comes easy. I do my best writing when analyzing and writing essays over books. If someone says ‘Here’s a book, now analyze it and write a two page essay over it,’ I can do that. Its just easy for me.”

“Art is my thing. My inspiration, because I need to have inspiration to draw, usually comes from music. I usually work with regular pencils that I can use to shade with.”

“I listen to country and alternative music. I don’t really have a favorite artist, there’s too many, I just love music, but at the moment my favorite bands are probably A Day to Remember and Carrie Underwood. I’m not in band, but I do play piano. I play the piano by ear since I can’t read music. If I hear a song I can teach myself how to play it.”