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Amanda Granato

Amanda Granato, Editor-in-Chief

I’m Amanda. My last name is twelve different kinds of complicated, but around here I go by Granato. I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the Rider Online. This webpage you’re looking at right now is my baby, and chances are on any given day I’ve spent six more hours than you staring at it. I also compete in UIL Academics for Journalism, so chances are I’ve also spent many more Saturdays devoting myself to nerdy journalism things than you have. I like old music, and old movies, and old antiques, and computers. Hey, no one ever said I had to make sense. I’ve been with this publication since my sophomore year, and looking back as a senior I realize that many of the best memories I’ve had in high school have been made in the very office I’m sitting in right now, typing this. I know that between Jesse Wright and Brynnon Walker- my minions...err, I mean, Assistant Editors- and myself we can make this publication better than it ever has been before.

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