Reed Steward

Amanda Granato

Sophomore Reed Steward marches in band. Which means his life revolves around band. His free time, when he gets any, he devotes to eating, sleeping, and doing homework. But on the weekends and during summer, Steward donates his time to Church, going on mission and choir trips to help the poor and impoverished.

Band:“This will by my second year in band, I’m a percussionist in pit. Band gives me something to do in my free time that I enjoy. When you’re out on the field you don’t feel anything, you just hear the flow of music around you and you work to conform to the piece and remember your part.”

Church: “I’m in a program called SALT (Servant and Leadership Team) at my church. We plan and organize many events and help run the youth group. SALT gives me an opportunity to spend time with friends who have completely different personalities and traits than the people I know at school.”

Mission Trips: “Our mission trips stay in the United States, but we’ve been all over. We fix up homes for the needy, we paint, build, and replace. I get to hang out with my friends and help people at the same time.”

Church Choir: “We sing at church services and go to nursing homes to perform. We go on choir mission trips across the country and sing.”