Mullins Scores Low at Tournament

Mullins Scores Low at Tournament

Nick Gross, Sports Editor

Will Mullins walked into his fourth period varsity golf class. His first day of sophomore year was also his first day on the varsity golf team. He played golf with all the other athletes on the team during the summer. Coach Christopher Word said Mullins scored the lowest average out of the entire team this summer with a 74.

“I couldn’t have done it without encouragement from teammates and having them out there on the course with me every day,” Mullins said.

The other athletes in the varsity squad last year got their overall team rank to as high as eighth, and they strive to be better this year.

“We’ve all been practicing, so we’ll be better for sure,” Mullins said.

Mullins said he looks forward to competing at the twelfth annual Bart Granger Memorial Tournament. Paschal High School hosts this tournament each year. The tournament was named after a golfer from PHS who was killed in a car accident. The tournament had teams come from Arizona, California, Oklahoma and all over Texas. This event had a college format, making it the only one of its kind offered in high school. It consists of a total of 54 holes. The teams played 36 holes on friday, then they were flighted (teams as a whole were split up into two brackets based on their score) into the event on Saturday to finish up the event with 18 holes. About 60 different teams were on the field at a time.

“Any team that can finish in the top ten has done something very special,” Coach Word said.

At the tournament, one of the rounds was cancelled due to a sudden rain storm. However, Mullins scored a 75 and a 76. Once again, Mullins scored the lowest out of the entire team.

“I felt good,” Mullins said. “But the rain kind of made me and the team mad. We had a really good team score.”