Sophomore Takes Position on Varsity


KJ Amous

John Hoang, Staff Writer

Squatting into position, KJ Amous prepares himself for the next play. Being one of the few sophomores on varsity, Amous has to work to stay on the team. 

“We’re good, we won’t be beat, we will work hard, ” Amous said.

Even though varsity has lost their first three games of the season so far, they still work to improve for their next game. Amous’s work ethic has been noticed by the coaches and fellow athletes.

“Amous works extremely hard in practice,” Coach Melson said. “He has a chance to become really good [as an athlete] because he works so hard.”

As one of the younger athletes, he looks for ways to improve, so he can keep up with the competition. After many hours of practicing in the heat and dirt, he has enough experience to play as the running back on varsity for the Legacy.

“I think I did well, but I could have done a whole lot better [at the game last week], “ Amous said.

Staying committed to his team, Amous spends many hours with his fellow athletes in the heat everyday after school. Amous feels that playing Football would be an easier way for an education and that motivates him to keep playing.

“I encourage them [my teammates] even if they make mistakes,” Amous said.

On the field and in the locker rooms, he maintains a positive attitude toward his teammates. Amous feels it isn’t just his skill that put him on varsity, but also the way he acts in certain situations. Being one of the younger athletes on varsity, he still has another two years to play. With most athletes on varsity being upperclassmen, finding a sophomore with such a position would be more uncommon.

“I feel good [being one of the sophomores] because there aren’t many sophomores on the team, it isn’t an easy thing to do,” Amous said.