Hyman Adjust to Sports with Leg Injury

Nick Gross, Sports Writer

Junior Ja’ron Hyman took one more step and couldn’t take another. Despite an already existing injury to his leg he competed and practiced with the rest of the cross country team like nothing was wrong. However, this time something was wrong, he fell to the ground in pain.

“I’m not sure what really happened to my leg,” Hyman said. “Hopefully I won’t be out too long.”

After visiting the doctor on Mon. Oct. 31, Hyman went home and was told to take things easy. The doctor told him he had a peristalisis in his left leg and something wrong with his left ankle. The next time Hyman goes to the doctor he will have to get a bone scan to see if he has a stress fracture or not. He cannot participate in marching band, soccer, or more Cross Country until his leg entirely heals.

“It stinks,” Hyman said. “I’m just used to doing sports. I mean that’s basically my whole life. Now that I can’t run or play, I hate it.”

Eventually, he reached the point where his pain was too much. Some stats for Hyman were: fastest mile, 4:46 and fastest 5K (3.1 miles), 17:48

“I wanted to finish my season out,” Hyman said. “I kept running on it up until district last week. But at least we made it to regionals.”

He will sit out from both marching band and Cross Country for at least three weeks.

“I’m glad I’ll at least be better in time for soccer tryouts,” Hyman said.

Until then, he still works out what he can just so he can maintain his physical shape while his leg heals up. He rides the bike in the training room for a  non-impact workout, as well as doing upper body weight lifting.

“[It helps] because it keeps me off my leg but also helps keep me in shape at the same time.” Hyman said.

On Sat. Nov. 5, the cross country team will compete in regionals, their last meet of the season without Hyman.

“I really wanted to compete in this race,” Hyman said. “It’s a bummer that it’s the last race.”